(Photo by  @chrismartinnyc )

(Photo by @chrismartinnyc)

About the Artist:

Andres Alvarez is a self-taught visual artist born in the Dominican Republic. He moved at the age of 13 to live in Puerto Rico, and then made a move to NYC at the age of 18, where he still resides.

He had manifested his artistic abilities through drawing since a very early age, but it wasn’t until 2013 that he decided to further develop his technical skills and expand his range as an artist by exploring and learning about the techniques used by the old masters, such as Bouguereau, Alma-Tadema, Diego Velazquez, etc., and some of his modern-day art heroes, such as Frank Frazetta, Cesar Santos, Donato Giancola, Jeremy Mann, Simon Bizley, and others.

His early work began as a rediscovery of himself as an artist and a still ongoing search for his place in the visual art spectrum. As a result, this search highlighted a passion for portraiture work through the use of oil paint on canvas but also has a constant need to capture various subjects and elements that are the makeup of his interests and sparks of curiosity.

Andres has exhibited his work twice in Japan as part of an artist residency he participated in during the month of July 2019 with FUSION International.

His goal is to be able to help people get in touch with their higher selves through the art experience, and enjoy the art journey as much as possible.

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