Custom Hand Painted Shoes

You can now get your own custom shoes, hand painted by me.
Each artwork is original and one of a kind.

How it works

New Shoes - You can order your shoes online and have them shipped directly to my address.
Used Shoes - If you are near the NYC area, you can either bring your shoes directly to my studio, or we can arrange to meet somewhere convenient for both of us.

Process - After a full payment has been made, and we have discussed what you would like to get painted on your shoes, I will take from 2-3 days to work on your order. We could either meet in person again for delivery, or I can ship the shoes directly to you. (Free shipping within the territorial US)


Adult Sizes - Start at $200*
Infant and Toddler
Sizes - Start at $150*

*Actual price for your custom work depends on the style and
complexity of your request.

Use this contact form to get started with your hand painted shoe order, or to submit any questions you might have.

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