Letter No.1

           Hello friends, so here is a new reinvention. I have been trying to open a channel of communication that wasn't so bound to a social media platform. Nothing against social media but it is very easy for a post or message to get lost among the never ending loads of memes and trending videos.
             In the past couple of months I have been playing around with a technique I stumbled upon through my own explorations of comfort and surrender. I started these pieces working within the confines of my comfort zone with pencil drawings and then surrendering this comfort to the uncertainty of loose and almost compromising use of wet media in the form of various layers of ink washes.  It has been an interesting learning process where I have come to know a bit more about myself as an artist (or maybe just as a human being) and about the work that I want to create. I have come to realize that the closer I get to a comfort zone with my creative process, the more I want to step outside of it and bring excitement back without completely abandoning my starting point.

            At this point I have come to know myself well enough to know that I will not commit to this specific art technique permanently. At some point in the process I will grab what I have learned and take it in a new direction, or just make the comfortable, uncomfortable again.


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