During the month of July 2019, I had the fortune to be included in an artist residency with Fusion International in Kaga, Japan. Me, along with 18 other artists of various disciplines, spend our days creating, collaborating, exploring, and taking in the Japanese culture. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had as a artist and as a just as a person in general. New connections were made, friendships were born and new passions uncovered.
Personally, it was the most creative period of time I have gone through as an artist, and the exposure to such an alien, yet conformably familiar environment, has definitely caused a permanent shift in my creative channels.

We first arrived in Tokyo, where we spent the next two days, before leaving on a 3 hour trip away from the city on the bullet train to the quietly beautiful town of Kaga, where we spent the majority of our time and where the shared visual art studio was located (inside the Hatori Hotel).

I was planning on going into more detail but decided to let some of the many images I captured during my trip tell their side of the story instead.

Photo by:  @helloskylar

Photo by: @helloskylar